Building TEAMS - by first building young men that make up those teams - is what Pete has spent his life's work doing. He can teach the strong side drive and the importance of a good attitude - as he has to so many basketball campers over the years - but contact Pete to let him help your team get better, more cohesive and noticeably more communicative.

KEYNOTE - Some or all of the topics listed below are woven through Pete's unique and entertaining (remember: he was the only DI Basketball Coach who majored in Acting on the undergraduate and Graduate level during his years in academia!) KEYNOTE. Attendees will be hard pressed not to take something away from this KEYNOTE to keep, to work on and to laugh about - for weeks to follow.

Below are an example of some of the topics you can expect Pete to deliver to your audience:

  • LEADERSHIP - Let Pete impart lessons learned from his 31 year coaching career which spans the professional ranks through to the high school junior varsity level. Poignantly and memorably, let Pete tell you what worked A-N-D what didn't! These tales of leadership will resonate with ALL of your charges.

  • TEAM BUILDING - Pete's insistence on teamwork and attitude are two qualities outlined, defined and given life to when he gives examples of teams that worked... AND why! Never bad to highlight the incorrect way, either, for dramatic effect!

  • SALES - What is recruiting, which Coach Pete did on the highest level of collegiate basketball for 25 years, but SALES? From his successful time at Virginia Military Academy (VMI) - a truly hard sell - through his years at NC State amidst the recruiting battles of the ACC, to the present, Pete has some Sales tenets that apply to most any line of work, a-n-d some that don't!

  • MOTIVATION - All of what Pete does involves motivation, but let Pete 'fire up' your group with vivid examples of challenges met, the price required to do same and the way to approach it ALL, so that each day your teams will want to get things done!

  • and, by popular demand...

  • PROGRAM OBSERVATION AND EVALUATION - Invite Pete to come watch YOU coach, watch YOUR practice and sit down with you - the head coach - and privately tell you what looks to be working very well, and what needs some shoring up. A written and confidential evaluation of two observations (two practices, OR a practice and a game) is sent to you afterward. Good for coaches of ANY sport as Coach Pete's eye - a 31 year observer of thousands of practices - is aiming to help YOU coach YOUR team better, not merely to grade tactics. Take your 'Professional Development' money and put it right here where it'll help YOU and your PROGRAM the most. Click here for some specific praise about this service.